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Stephen Nichols

Co-founder, editor, and senior election analyst.  Articles without an author listing are written by Steve.

Stephen is a lifelong republican who founded both a College Republicans chapter and a Young Republicans chapter.  He’s worked on two campaigns with national implications, including Terry Considine’s run for US Senate against Ben “Nighthorse” Campbell (before Campbell’s flip to the republicans) and the first presidential primary run for Pat Buchannan.

Stephen has worked in careers as diverse as state level lobbying, sports journalism, education, and law enforcement.  He enjoys playing chess, gourmet cooking and listening to classical baroque music.  He also enjoys watching the NFL, Rugby, and Yacht racing.

Stephen runs our senate elections section, and shares editorial duties with Mike DeVine.  His avatar comes from a scene in the movie “The Razor’s Edge”, which was based on the book by William Somerset Maughm.

Mike DeVine

Co-founder, editor, and senior writer.

Mike DeVine was a SC Democratic Party activist, county official including county chair and delegate to county and state conventions for over 15 years, until his 2000 “conservative epiphany” after a move to Atlanta to accept a corporate position.

In addition to his corporate work in Atlanta, from 2001-2006, he was the Legal Editor of The Champion (Decatur, GA) newspaper, (legal organ for DeKalb County in Metro-Atlanta), where he was the one of first columnists in the nation, soon after September 11, 2001, to comment on the likelihood that captured terrorists in Afghanistan would be deemed to be illegal enemy combatants not entitled to Prisoner of War status under the laws of war. He also engaged then U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA-4) in dueling editorials preceding her first loss of the House seat.

A regular blogger as “Gamecock” at Redstate.com since the mid-2000s, DeVine also blogs under that moniker as Legal Editor for The Minority Report.  His work has appeared in major newspapers and websites, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Instapundit and Hugh Hewitt and has been featured on PBS.  DeVine was the “conservative voice” of the Charlotte Observer from 2006-2008 and has been the Atlanta (formerly Charlotte) Law and Politics columnist for Examiner.com since 2008.

Legal Editor – The Minority Report

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist for Examiner.com

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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