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Election 2014: Scrape Away Democrat Pond Scum

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Given the tendency of President Barack Obama to act illegally via executive fiat, even a GOP House majority and still-impossible filibuster-proof (60-vote), much less the expected, mere GOP Senate majority wouldn’t ensure a return to constitutional government in these United States following next week’s mid-term election. A veto-proof (67-vote) GOP Senate majority that would enable the repeal of jobs-killing Obamacare and draconian environmental regulations remains the stuff of conservative fairy tales only.

But another 2010-like Republican landslide that could secure both houses of Congress by scraping away low-hanging liberal-Democrat pond scum and pave the way for the return of a Reagan-like movement-conservative Republican  to the White House on Inauguration Day 2017, looks likely.

Even if His Majesty Barack continues to unconstitutionally usurp Article I legislative powers to make law by granting amnesty to the 15% of Mexico and other points south that reside in the Lower Forty-Eighth, and the Ebola-populations of Africa; it could be electorally constructive for voters to view, thru the prism of a GOP House and Senate, more clearly which party, exclusively, brought them Obamacare, anemic Obamanomics and failed to act to denounce amnesties and other so-called prosecutorial “discretions” over the past six years that, among other things, released Ebola and illegal aliens charged with homicide on to streets across the Fruited Plain.

We are especially hopeful that liberal Democrat anti-Scott Walker union thugs in Wisconsin, Yankee-transplant and research-triangulators in North Carolina, Nunniacs in Georgia and anti-Live-Free-or-Die New Hampshirites, be rebuffed.

Hopefully, this will be the year in which it finally dawns on  a solid super-majority of the electorate that Democrats run as Democrats because they favor policies that, well, DEMOCRATS propose and pass into law that harm the economy, their standard of living and national security.

It is no accident that a President with a “D” after his name who promised a war on coal and skyrocketing energy prices waged a war on coal (and oil, natural gas and nuclear power for that matter) and delivered higher gas and food prices in a virtual war on the poor and middle class. All with the support of, guess who…fellow democrats in Congress, and not one Republican.

It is no accident that the party that has blamed America first since JFK was shot; drastically cuts defense, apologizes to the rest of the world, and appeases enemies even to the point of surrendering surge-gains in Iraq achieved with American soldiers’ blood. It is no accident that the politically-correct party that thinks Blacks are too stupid to get a photo-ID for voting views the southern border of the United States as mere dirt keeping more potential faux victimhood Democrat voters from Food Stamp nation or who will do jobs they claim Americans won’t do. That is if one can find a job of any kind that isn’t funded by giveaways to Wall Street via the Federal Reserve or crony non-capitalism.

It is no accident that the same liberal economic policies that have failed for social Democrats in Europe and Africa, Putins in Russia and Carters in America didn’t work for Obama. The only reason the Reagan recovery continued under Clinton is because Hillarycare was rejected and a conservative Newt-GOP ushered in.

Hopefully 2014 will mark the election when a sufficient amount of liberal Democrat scum in the political pond is scraped away so that previously froggy voters finally see whose policies have wrecked their lives and when the Party of Lincoln becomes the new default party driven by the conservative policies that made us the exceptional nation in the first place and with which Ronaldus Magnus restored it in the 1980s.

“What our forefathers with so much difficulty secured, do not basely relinquish.” – William Bradford


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Sandlapper Sen. Scott strikes blow for spending, demographic sanity

S.C. tea partier diversity makes mockery of President Obama and Democratic Party’s alleged reasons for existence

The first female Indian-American governor in U.S. history today appointed the first African-American U.S. Senator in South Carolina history. Governor Nikki Haley’s appointment of the Palmetto State congressman that defeated the son of the state’s legendary Strom Thurmond in an 80%+ white district will make Tim Scott the only Black member of the U.S. Senate when it convenes in January.

That’s enough obeisance to the Mainstream media/Democratic Party myths concerning endemic Southern white tea partier racism and the supposed demographic problem of the Republican Party that prevented them from defeating Barack Obama in the Election of 2012. Let’ get to what really matters about today’s historic act:

Haley introduced Scott by saying no one could fill DeMint’s shoes, but appointing a trailblazer like Scott could show that it was a new day in South Carolina.

“The entire state understands this is the right U.S. senator,” said Haley, who became South Carolina’s first female governor in 2010.

Scott grew up in poverty in North Charleston. His parents divorced when he was 7, and he remembered his mom working 16 hours a day to support him and his brother. Scott, who is single, introduced his mother at the beginning of his speech.

But growing up with a single mother wasn’t always easy, Scott said. In high school, he was in danger of flunking out until he met the late John Moniz, a conservative entrepreneur who ran a Chick-fil-A beside the movie theater where Scott worked.

They became friends and Scott said Moniz taught him important values, like how enlightened self-interest requires giving first before reaping the reward of receiving and how growing the value of how you see yourself will make you look more important in other people’s eyes.

Scott would go on to get a degree in political science from Charleston Southern University, which is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention and touts how it integrates faith into learning and serving.

Scott said he wouldn’t have agreed to be a U.S. senator if he didn’t think he could make a difference.

“The future is incredibly bright for America,” Scott said. “We have our challenges and we have things to overcome, but boy, does the future look bright in South Carolina.”

The major influences in Scott’s life: Hard working mother, a Chick-fil-A conservative entrepreneur, and Southern Baptists.  Not one mention of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or South Carolina’s Democratic Party race-baiting Congressman Jim Clyburn.

But was Tim Scott just a place holder appointment of a RINO to placate Georgetown-NYC-Boston liberals? Not after cruising to his re-election to the House of Representatives last month and not with one of the most sterling tea partier conservative voting records since the Election of 2010.

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A Preview of the 2012 Race for the United States Senate

[Guest columnist is Unified Patriot blogger/editor “Pilgrim”]

Only 14 months remain before Election Day 2012. Most political reporting today, as is usual this far out, focuses on the prospects for President Barack Obama’s reelection and the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

But Americans will also choose 33 of the 100 members of the U.S. Senate. Here is an early preview of how the Senate Chamber (pictured above) will be filled in 2013.

There are 37 Republicans and 30 Democrats who do not face re-election.

The breakdown of the remaining 33 seats: 23 are currently held by the Ds and 10 are currently held by the Rs. Eight incumbent Rs are seeking reelection, 17 incumbent Ds are seeking reelection, 6 open seats are currently held by Ds, and 2 open seats are currently held by Rs.

The Ds do not have a good record to run on.

They have not proposed, let alone passed a budget bill for over 826 days.

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Wisconsin Senate Race Rating Change

With the retirement of Sen. Kohl (D), we are moving the WI race from “Likely D” to “Leans D”.  Depending on who enters the race we might see ratings range from “Leans D” to “Toss-up”.

While this seems like a small shift, it has crucial national implications.  Kohl would have been a lock for re-election (we only had his seat as “Likely D” because we foresaw the possibility of retirement), and now democrats must spread precious funds and manpower to a state they wouldn’t have otherwise had to.  In other words, the retirement of Kohl adds a fraction of a percentage chance to republicans running for senate nationwide.

Given the recent battles over Gov. Walker’s move to protect the state budget from the disproportionately high benefits enjoyed by the WI teachers’  union, and given the potential candidacy of Rep. Ryan (R) (We lean towards predicting he won’t run) and other big names (Feingold – D), we think this is going to be a race that political enthusiasts will enjoy following.

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Update – Massachussettes Senate Race 2012

We are moving the race from toss-up to lean republican.  If a significant primary challenge comes up against Senator Brown from the tea party we might move the race back to toss-up.

For the time being, considering Brown’s war chest, his latest polling against all viable democrat challengers, and his approval numbers, he looks like he’s now in good shape to win.  The only stumbling block will be if a more conservative challenger comes forth, a challenger that most likely would lose in deep blue Massachussettes.

For more reading:

The American Spectator

National Journal

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Breaking News Nevada Senate Race 3/7/11

While other experts may have to revise their ratings, Yours Truly was ahead of the curve again (see Hawaii’s recent retirement).  We didn’t have Nevada as a toss-up, despite knowing that Senator Ensign was driving his party to defeat and despite Ensign’s insistence that he would not retire.

No, Political Daily realized the serious pressure coming down from the state and national GOP, expecting that Ensign was in so much trouble that the GOP would likely either support a republican challenger or withhold campaign funds entirely.  We knew that under the intense pressure Ensign would have to retire.  Today he made the right decision.

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2012 Senate Election Update 3/4/11 Maryland and Massachusetts

Today we look at two deep blue states, one a safe seat for democrats and the other a toss-up.

Maryland – Ben Cardin (D)

Status – Incumbant Dem

Rating – Safe Dem

There is only two faint glimmer of hope in Maryland for republicans, and it isn’t enough to wrest this seat from “Safe” to “Likely”.  Cardin hasn’t announced whether he’ll run again, which makes things uncertain as to whether the seat will be defended by an incumbant or whether it will be an open contest.  We don’t see that making any measurable difference though.

Either Cardin runs and keeps his seat, or Van Hollen runs as the democrat.  On the republican side, former governor Ehrlich has announced he will not run, leaving former national GOP chair Michael Steele as the best hope for the GOP.

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