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DC is Hunger Games’ Capitol City, not Catching Fire

katniss everdeenKatniss Everdeen met some good folks in the fictitious Capitol City as a Hunger Games-to-the-death participant. And there are good people in America’s all-too-real capitol city of Washington.

But the problem with both is that as they bask in the glow of big government bubbles, they prohibit those whose labor and tax revenues support their conspicuous consumption from joining the economic prosperity party. And yes, if the liberal Obama Democrats stay in power for much longer, they will get around to ending even the fracking boom.

Meanwhile, the government-run craze of the past  century (interrupted only by brief conservative push-backs by Reagan and Newt) exploded exponentially with Obamacare, stimuli for government union employees, and wars war on coal and conservatives, respectively by the EPA and IRS; we witness many good people lobbying for what ought to be determined in a free Continue reading


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Dr. Debthate or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Government Shutdowns

President Obama’s blindness to government spending problem, and insistence on ever more tax increases on the rich towards always moving fair share-goalposts, makes refusal of the Republican House to raise the debt ceiling an acceptable option.

In the wake of the 2010 tea partier conservative epic GOP mid-term election landslide that returned control of the House of Representatives to the party, this columnist urged Republicans to risk a government shutdown during the 2010 budget negotiations as more palatable than risking “default” during the likely debt ceiling battle the following year.

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DeVine Law conservative (and other) must-reads for 2013

Reading is fundamental, and never more so than now, given the result of the Election of 2012.

Christmas is over but discount sales have begun and its past time for a re-education in American essentials, including non-American literature that speak to the Judeo-Christian values necessary for a non-tyrannical state.

[Below are several lists of books we have found helpful in inculcating the values and principles upon with an exceptional America has rested. Many more could be added that I have read and have not read. These are the ones that I have chosen to highlight that have impacted my life.]

First, the Top Eleven non-fiction books that made possible this USC Gamecock’s Summer of 2001 conservative epiphany after 18 years of liberal Democratic Party activism:

1 – The Bible

2 – Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis

3 – Witness – Whittaker Chambers

4 – Slouching Towards Gomorrah – Robert Bork

5 – Reagan’s War – Peter Schweizer

6 – Free to Choose – Milton and Rose Friedman

7 – God and Man at Yale – William F. Buckley, Jr.

8 – Reagan: A Life in Letters

9 – Democracy in America – Alexis de Tocqueville

10 – Right from the Beginning – Pat Buchanan

11 – Born Again – Charles Colson

(See also Slander, Treason, Godless and Mugged by Ann Coulter…and all of her other books. All great reference materials documenting abhorent liberal Democrat behavior and “ideas”.)

Other essential non-fiction:

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Romney, the un-McCain: Obama indifferent to economic suffering

Finally, a Republican has the guts to make a moral case against Democratic Party economic policies

Significantly on the day before President Barack Obama made the defining statement of his presidency that the  “private sector is doing fine”, Mitt Romney became the first GOP presidential nominee in memory to eschew the usual, non-judgmental, Republican line against the economic policies of our “honorable friends on the other side of the aisle” as merely being “wrong” about how to foster economic growth:

They concluded that we would all forget how long the recovery took once it had happened.  So they decided to go ahead.  The idea that they knowingly slowed down our recovery in order to put in place Obamacare, which they wanted and they considered historic, but the American people did not want or consider historic, is something which I think deserves a lot of explaining. Because I think the president’s responsibility is to put people back to work and to get people out of poverty and to help people have good jobs and have prospects for a brighter tomorrow.

David Horowitz, former radical leftist and author of “How to Beat Democrats” and yours truly have been calling for the day when Republicans other than newly elected tea partiers would get over their fear of the Main Stream/Drive-By/Obama media and acknowledge the obvious import of the fact that, continually, over the past 40+ years, the Democratic Party has advocated and enacted economic policies that have always failed to foster economic growth. Yes, many Democrats are young and/or ignorant and truly believe that the policies advocated by George McGovern, Tip O’Neil, Hillary’s Bill Clinton before Newt got custody, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama are best for the poor, middle class and the economy as a whole.

But the truth is that the leaders of the party of Jefferson and Jackson long ago divorced themselves from the conventional economic goals of most Jeffersonians and Jacksonians. Yes, they want the private sector to produce enough wealth for them to spread around to fund well-paid government bureaucrats to regulate business and dependent victims at a “Life of Julia” subsistence level so they can declare the private sector as “fine”; but they too often forget that for wealth to continue to be created, those that create the wealth and the jobs that come with it must have the incentive to take risks to start and expand businesses.

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Santorum’s ‘My Way’ encores best Obama’s original ‘Happy Days are Here Again’

Republicans say “x”; the media reports they meant “y”; and the best way to be sued for defamation is to accurately quote a Democrat

President Barack Obama has faced the nation the past three years declaring his debt-exploding policies to be Biblically-based, in the national interest and necessary to remedy the economic crisis he inherited from his GOP predecessor. When addressing the persistence of continuing economic ills in the fourth year of his presidency he asserts that Republicans impede solutions to the nations ills because they put party politics above what’s best for the country or that  he didn’t realize just how bad the crisis was. Finally, when addressing follow up questions from the media reminding him of his original contradictory claims and suggesting that he is attributing nefarious non-Christian motives to Republicans in Congress, he…oh, wait a minute, we don’t actually remember hearing such follow ups when Obama meets the press.

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Romney, ObamaDem vs conservative safety net-concern for the poor

Caring for the poor is always defined by support for the latest Democratic Party proposal

During my teen and young adult Democratic Party activism years in the 70s and 80s, the number one scare tactic used by the party to scare widows and orphans, i.e. the poor,  was their claim that if Republicans controlled the government, they would “take away your checks”. Ronald Reagan, famously asserted his support for a safety net for the “truly needy” and despite several periods of exclusive GOP control of the executive and legislative branches over the last 30 years, the safety net remains intact.

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SC schools GOP: Newt is acceptable to tea partier conservatives

Our native state teaches the now Stone Mountain of Georgia-roosted gamecock a personal lesson: Newt is acceptable

Mike DeVine Law Gamecock is humbled.

That so many voters that have earned my respect for so many years have chosen to support Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney convinces me that Mitt is not so much better than Newt, that a vote for the former Speaker is not acceptable. Newt is a worthy fighter… and the crow and humble pie ordered herehere and here… needed more sugar and salt, respectively, thank you very much.

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