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Still-standing Barackian Berlin Wall-betrayals of Veterans and the Free World

reagan-berlin-wall-1989Yesterday was the first Veterans Day since the revelations of the Obama Administration’s scandalous neglect of the health care of our armed forces by Veterans Administration hospitals. Earlier this week we also commemorated the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago, with most media outlets continuing to neglect the reason it was erected in the first place, and the mass murdering history of its Evil Empire contractor.

There is a connection between these betrayals which makes it acceptable to appropriate the first name of the President of United States in their description.

Barack Hussein Obama famously declared himself a Citizen of the World in a 2008 campaign speech in Berlin (still no word on which united State’s electoral votes depended upon German votes), went on an Apology-to-Terrorists Tour in Cairo soon after his Inauguration, gave away American security-enhanced surge-gains in Iraq achieved by the blood of U.S. vets, refused to render the survivors of the War on Terror minimal adequate health care upon their return home, and otherwise has continually touted the virtues of increasingly totalitarian Big Government, even if grown via illegal and un-constitutional executive fiats. He has long embraced and happily owns the legacy of The Left, Wilsonian progressivism, anti-anti-Communism, McGovern-Carter appeasement, and all its iterations up to and including what is today called modern day liberalism, i.e. the Democratic Party and its media, academia and Hollywood branches.

Veterans Day, unlike so many other federal and/or national holidays, always occurs on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, thus frustrating the modern American relegation of so many national remembrances to mere devices for long idle weekends. Its date was fixed by the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour that day in 1918 when the Armistice that ended WWI took effect. And while all of Europe and late-to-enter-America were understandably war weary, the armistice itself and the fact of America’s entry were the first and second of many betrayals of Liberty to come in the 20th Century and which continue today in the 21st.

Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, first handed the presidency by the vain Third Party-betrayal of President Taft by Wilson’s fellow converted-uber progressive TR, campaigned for re-election promising not to send American boys to die overseas. President Wilson, in a quote famously cited by candidate Barack Obama, trashed the U.S. Constitution as a document of mere “negative liberties that failed to grant government the power to direct our lives, had spent his first term attempting to fundamentally transform the U.S. into a nation of subjects ruled by “experts”. He couldn’t wait to ramp up liberal totalitarian dreams with the moral authority of a war to supposedly make the world safe for Democracy. Hence, he was manipulated into an armistice that left the territory of war-mongering German Supermen in tact in exchange for a chance to rule the world via a League of Nations. Thankfully, Republicans in the U.S. Senate rejected the treaty, but the betrayal of all who fought the Kaiser’s version of what Hitler would megalomanically apply via national socialism aka Nazism, was effectuated.

Meanwhile, what would prove the even more diabolical result of The Great War to end all wars moved forward in Russia from Lenin’s Bolshevism to Stalin’s Communism, both mostly indistinguishable iterations of socialist totalitariansim in Germany and Italy.

Sadly, so many “intellectual elites” across Europe and the New World across the Atlantic Pond, became enamored of the world’s oldest religion and conceit, first proposed, as suggested by Whittaker Chambers in his Witness, by the Serpent to Eve in the Garden of Eden that “ye shall be as gods.”

The thus-annointed gods, so thrilled with the Soviet experiment, as documented by Diana West in her American Betrayal, refused to report its mass murders before WWII, infiltrated our government via alphabet soup agencies, and made delivery of arms to the USSR a Lend Lease-priority over U.S. forces in the Pacific after Pearl.

How many Americans know that the reason General MacArthur had to “return” to the Philippines was because Democrat FDR’s government denied him arms in the Pacific while they lost over half of supplies to Nazi U-boats sent to the Reds across the Atlantic. How many Americans know that Hitler’s Germany AND Uncle Joe Stalin’s Soviet Union started WWII in concert with a joint invasion of Poland and with the latter’s invasion of the Baltics? How many know that the Nuremberg Trials were a farce that convicted Germans of war crimes less horrific than those committed by the USSR, whose judges participated with our conspired silence.

How many know that the USSR built the Berlin Wall to keep people imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain, but that when Reagan called out the Evil Empire to tear down the wall, he was ridiculed by American liberal Democrats? Or that even President George H.W. Bush41, backed off any moral judgment against the history of Soviet mass murder, on a scale that makes Hitler look like a piker, when challenged by Mikhail Gorbachev after the Wall fell?

Why the betrayals? Why the liberal Democrat attack on anti-Communists for the past 70 years?

Why? For the same reason that liberal Democrats keep proposing proven failed domestic programs: their faith in being as gods over us, their lessers. They know best and if they could just be given more time, more money, more power and better bureaucrats, the godless Liberal Utopia will break out on Planet Earth. Whether its fixing the VA, health care via Obamacare or making Islamic terrorists like us, just let them be as gods for a minute longer and with more of your money.

Thankfully, a week ago a majority of American voters stood up and yelled Stop! It will take many more such stands athwart the false betrayals of history the Left writes and the actual history we live to reverse the betrayals of the fallen and surviving veterans and their families.

Thank you Veterans for your actual history of service to Liberty.

“What our forefathers with so much difficulty secured, do not basely relinquish.” – William Bradford


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Before Atlanta burned, DeVine Confederate fought for American Dream

big-shanty-stationOne Hundred and Fifty years ago this week my great-great-grandfather Lecil DeVine was shot in the face and captured by Union forces at Big Shanty, Georgia, a key rail station just north of Kennesaw Mountain and Marietta, while a confederate soldier defending against  General William Tecumseh Sherman’s inevitable capture of Atlanta in the Fall of 1864 that ensured President Abraham Lincoln’s re-election and the re-unification of all states in a new America free of slavery.

Lecil DeVine and his ancestors had loved America while eschewing slavery since they first arrived on its shores before the war for independence they fought in. Born in Spartanburg, South Carolina less then 80 miles from President Andrew Jackson’s Palmetto State birthplace at Lancaster, Lecil joined fellow Jacksonian Democrats in his new Alabama home to elect a unionist delegate to oppose secession at the early 1861 Montgomery state convention. Unlike President Jackson who threatened to invade and hang Nullification secessionists in his home state in the 1830s, DeVine and other like-minded Southern Americans failed to persuade a majority in eleven states to continue the formation of a more perfect union under the United States Constitution.

Thus defeated, Lecil watched the state-rights Confederacy effect the first draft of free individuals into involuntary military service in American history and the ridicule and shame heaped upon those that didn’t volunteer beforehand. Thus chastened before his inevitable conscription in April pursuant to the second such Act passed at President Jefferson Davis’s request by the CSA congress, he joined the 31st Alabama Infantry Regiment in March of 1862. After fighting in Tennessee, Lecil helped defend Port Gibson, Mississippi before enduring Grant’s siege of Vicksburg after which he was taken prisoner; paroled to Demopolis, Alabama and later exchanged with fellow Confederates for Union prisoners; before rejoining his regiment and his inevitable re-capture 20 miles north of Atlanta.

While Atlanta burned, DeVine was imprisoned at the federal Rock Island, Illinois POW camp which, while not as notoriously wicked as the Andersonville one run by Confederates in Georgia, was known as one rife with hunger and disease. Even before the fall of Atlanta, war deprivations of food and shelter in much of Dixie were stark, and afterwards much more so, including in Lecil’s northern Alabama home. Thus, with the war he wanted no part of obviously lost by the Confederacy and his patriotic duty fulfilled, he “swallowed the dog” by pledging his Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America and enlisted for a year of frontier service in the U.S. Army. Ironically, his Oath and enlistment papers were signed by Major H.B. Rathbone who, with his wife, accompanied President and Mrs. Lincoln on that fateful night to come at Ford’s Theater.

Lincoln died to preserve the last best hope of man on Earth. Lecil DeVine, rather than wallow in decades of “Lost Cause” bemoanings, embraced that new hope that had been his first cause and pursued the American Dream through family and enterprise in a South though ravaged by war and an imperfect reconstruction, was at least purged of the evil institution of slavery and with an amended Constitution better dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Lecil DeVine’s successors in this Spartanburg native’s immediate family would help build a New South of industry in railroads and nuclear power; integrated schools, Little Leagues and Cub Scouts; law, faith, education and good humor. None of which would have been possible absent the sacrifices of great-great-grandfather Lecil.

So as this Carolina Gamecock now roosted atop Stone Mountain of Georgia and my fellow Atlantans approach the Sesquicentennial of the burning of our great city by who Decatur’s Mary A.H. Gay called America’s Nero; let us remember than unlike Nero’s Rome, Sherman’s Atlanta and America rose from its ashes united to free half the world from Nazis and an evil communist empire and our own empire from Jim Crow.

God’s not finished with America yet and I thank God for a reluctant Confederate ancestor who never lost sight of the City on the Hill that he wanted for himself and his family.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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Obama: If Iran likes their nuke policy, they can keep it. Period.

IranBut I’ll bet the Appeaser-in-Chief keeps this “you-can-keep-your-policy” promise unlike the one made to Americans under the domestic equivalent of the bomb, known as  Obamacare.

President Barack Obama is a serial liar but, like a stopped clock, occasionally also tells the truth. For instance, he promised skyrocketing energy prices. They set a record high in October. He promised to bankrupt the coal industry with new carbon emissions-standards. The war on coal is clearly on the offensive and in the direction of bankruptcy courts in West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, he promised surrender. American troops have abandoned the former terrorist playground of Saddam Hussein with nary a footprint left behind; while President B. Hussein Obama has set a 2014 date-certain deadline for withdrawal in the former safe haven of al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts in Afghanistan.

Which brings us to the number one state-sponsor of terror on Earth since 1979, Continue reading

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Adulterer now holding Hillary harmless for pre-Veterans Day betrayals?

Secretary of State Clinton failed to act on an August 16 cable from Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens describing imminent danger and  pleading for help in case of a coordinated attack by al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia from which they were not capable of defending against.

As First Lady, Hillary Clinton famously defended her known adulterous husband to protect their political partnership. Throughout the impeachment, President Bill Clinton’s defenders repeatedly told the nation not to worry, since it was “only about sex.” Of course, it was also about obstruction of justice, including perjury, in a sexual harassment lawsuit, but accountability is not the strong suit of the Democratic Party and its dependents; the latest example of which occurred on Election Day when epic failure to revive the economy was rewarded by economic dropouts, but I digress.

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Class warfare/envy-produced unemployment define 2011

DeVine Law Gamecock’s Stone Mountain of Georgia roost-view of what matters most about the news, politics and law of 2011:

Unemployment and the Economy

If enough Americans give up on finding a job, the regularly reported unemployment rate (U-3) could fall to Zero percent. As it happens, the current U-3 rate of 8.6% would stand at over 11% if the labor force were as large as it was in 2007. The more comprehensive U-6 rate measuring all those that are unemployed and those only able to find part-time work is now at Depression Era levels over 17%, which rate doesn’t count self-employed individuals nor those that have dropped out. Over one in five American men are no longer in the labor force.

Jobs Plans, Occupiers and Class Warfare

Three years after President Barack Obama and super-majorities of his fellow Democrats in Congress enacted their Stimulus-Dodd-Frank-ObamaCare-GM takeover/UAW Bailout-Solyndraanti-Keystone Pipeline and anti-Boeing jobs in right-to-work states, Gulf Oil and ANWR oil-drilling moratorium agenda; Gross Domestic Product (GDP) stands at an anemic 1.8%.

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How about a three-year study before Obama is allowed to utilize pipeline-delivered substances

Does the Job Killer-in-Chief have the “courage” to execute 20,000 Keystone jobs in public?

Did I miss another BP oil spill or did President Barack Obama declare his latest moratorium outlawing productive work based upon studies affirming fetal soil pain during impacted red clay abortions?

Yesterday, Congress called Obama’s veto-bluff by requiring him to make a decision on the Keystone Pipeline project within 60 days, rather than after the 2012 election.

Liberal business regulation policies carried out by Obama and the Democrats over the past three years have slaughtered millions of jobs in private. But that’s just a statistic cloaked by deniability and the low volume of Atlases shrugging.

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Cain can’t deter Iran after Wofford College/Spartanburg, S.C. debate

[A post-Florida Gator-devouring USC gamecock’s Stone Mountain of Georgia roost-view of his undergrad alma mater, Wofford College and Spartanburg hometown’s hosting of the South Carolina, CBS/National Journal, Republican Party presidential debate]

Let the Big Dog eat!

The motto of Wofford Terriers’ (pictured) sports teams is “Let the Big Dog eat!”, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich looked like the Big Dog eating away at GOP presidential nomination opponents’ leads last Saturday night.

The Speaker’s mastery of foreign policy was equaled only by Former Massachusett’s Governor Mitt Romney, both of whom made clear that they would be willing to take unilateral military action to prevent the Islamist mullahs ruling the terrorist state of Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately for those, like me, that consider it imperative that any President of the United States maintain a credible deterrent and that we have a nominee with a bold jobs plan (like 9-9-9) fit for the depths of the present economic crisis, Herman Cain turns out to be with Ron Paul in publicly and dovishly taking the military option off the table over the issue that could drastically change life on Planet Earth one minute after Iran demonstrates its enty into the world’s Nuclear Club.

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