Political Daily is a wordpress site that was founded by Stephen Nichols and Mike DeVine.

Our goal is to provide brief news and analysis of current events and to provide opinion columns of interest to conservative readers.  Most of our reporting is NOT in-depth, but instead a short briefing on the news we are looking at.

However, one niche section we have that deals with “US Senate elections” strives to be an accurate, unbiased assesment of where each US Senate race stands.  While we include our thoughts on the races from a conservative standpoint, we work hard to ensure that the actual rating for each race is as close to accurate as possible.

Also, unlike many expert election prediction sites, we provide our readers (left, right and other) a forum to interact with our staff and each other to discuss their own thoughts on the matter and ask questions.

House Rules

We value our readers, and recognizing that politics is an emotionaly charged issue we ask that all readers be respectful of one another.  This site is NOT the place to make personal attacks or to convert others to one’s way of thinking.  We encourage readers with thoughtful comments and questions to participate.  A lot of politicaly oriented blogs attract people that feel an urge to lash out at what they disagree with.  Our site strives to be a forum for friendly conversation.

We tip our hat to Ricochet.com (link in our blogroll section) for setting the standard for how comments sections should be run by a conservative blog.  Some other high profile conservative blogs have developed reputations for infighting, mass bannings, and angry exchanges between the membership (and even membership vs. staff).  Several left leaning blogs are known for their use of lewd language and threats, and we won’t tolerate that either.