Why Conservatives Can’t Trust PBS

I’m driving home from work, scan the radio, and hear a political interview that might be interesting.  No such luck.

The host is interviewing a former congressman (Mike Castle, a liberal) and calling him a “moderate”.  Both the host and the guest pile onto republicans for not believing in compromise.  Not a word is mentioned about the failure of Obama to compromise (unless it is with his own party’s congressmen).  Not a word is even mentioned about standing on principle, so enraptured by “compromise” are they.  No, democrats expect republicans to “compromise” while democrats stand firm.

About the time that the host disingenuously quotes David Brooks as a “conservative” (ask the real conservatives at National Review and The Weekly Standard or even RedState what they think of that) I turned it off.

The truth of the matter is that the host and his guest are probably clueless as to how the country outside of their New England socialist/liberalism thinks.  I can’t imagine anyone not being offended by having their tax dollars fund such rubbish.  Say what you will about Rush Limbaugh or any of a host of hosts.  They make their living in the market place (as does Fox News).  But PBS is so laughably liberal that they must rely on tax dollars to keep pushing their leftist dribble.

What PBS doesn’t realize is that our nation’s current economic crisis is driven by wasteful government spending.  Tax increases would only sereve to feed the spending monster.  Spending must be driven down on the backs of the lawmakers who think money grows on trees.  That money comes from people like me who work for a living.  It is time to stop spending money we don’t have, lest we go the way of other socialist examples (Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, etc).

Quoting a republican in name only, and then quoting a journalist who has slouched away from conservatism (if he ever really was conservative – I’ve never seen him hailed as a conservative hero in conservative circles, but I’ve seen him criticized) isn’t going to convince the half of America that is conservative that PBS is impartial.  PBS has an agenda, and it is always on display.  And no, firing some executives who denigrate republicans and jews on a hidden camera won’t even change anything.

It is time to cut spending, and we should all be able to agree that it should start with PBS.


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