Thoughts on the OBL Take-Down

We at Political Daily have done well enough with the 2012 Senate predictions that we haven’t had to make many, if any, adjustments.  We knew Ensign would get the boot in NV (making NV probable for the republicans), and we thought Kaine and Allen would get in VA, making it a toss-up.  Despite news pouring in from different states, we’ve anticipated the news and polling well enough to avoid having to make updates for well over a month.

Because of that our head writer and co-founder Mike DeVine has been all over the front page while your humble editor / co-founder has been in the wilderness.  So let me share some of my thoughts on the biggest news in over a decade – the take down of OBL.

1.  We should release the pictures.  There are only three objections, and they are all poor.

  • “Releasing the picture could spike retaliation”.  Not true.  Muslim extremists desire to strike at us 24 hours a day, and the release of a photo doesn’t change things.  Indeed, they brought down our buildings with Osama alive and well.
  • “Releasing the pictures won’t satisfy conspiracy theorists in our country”.  I couldn’t give a damn about conspiracy theorists in our country our elsewhere.  This is a straw man argument, as nobody on either side of the debate about the pictures cares about nut jobs.
  • “We shouldn’t spike the football”.  This argument comes from a president that is taking sole credit (ie “spiking the football”) every chance he gets.  More on that in a moment.

The reasons to release the photos are important. 

  • First, to grant closure to the country.  Whether someone was a victim by association with a friend or family member killed, or whether they are victims simply because of the emotional times and the many inconveniences (who wants to go through the TSA grope fest with one’s children now-a-days?), we ALL deserve closure.
  • Second, the savages in the middle east (who don’t understand DNA and face recognition software) need to see the photos because that is what they understand.  They are dogs, and they only understand a newspaper across the nose, bullets, and pictures of their leaders dead.

2.  We should give credit to the president, but within reason.

Let’s face it;  it was a gutsy call to give the go-ahead for this raid.  If the target turned out not to be OBL, or if things had gone wrong (Desert One in Iran or Black Hawk Down in Somalia) Obama would have taken the hit.  Our president, who is prosecuting the CIA through his Attorney General, fighting for the closure of Gitmo, fighting for courtroom rights for illegal combatants (according to the Geneva Convention, illegal combatants have NO rights), and trying to set timelines instead of military goals for withdrawal, STILL had the presence of mind to order the raid.

But let’s face some other facts too.  Count the number of times Obama used the word “I” in his strange speech at Ft. Campbell.  He stated that when he first took office, he ordered his people to prioritize the hunt for terrorist leaders (as if Bush hadn’t).  Indeed, as many conservative pundits have pointed out, it was the Bush policies (pairing the CIA and JSOC commandos in the field, enhanced interrogation, Gitmo and black prisons) that won the day.  Obama has been fighting those policies, but they lead to Osama.  Current arguments from the left that enhanced interrogations might not have led to Osama are laughable, and have been proven categorically false over the last several days.

The more Obama brags that he took out OBL, the more the country wonders if the Navy Seals of Seal Team 6 had any role.  The American people know the real hero of the raid may never have his name revealed.

The handling of the news after the raid, and the many changing narratives, show that this president and his people were out of their depth handling the post-raid period.  They fumbled the ball so many times that the media seemed to give up on reporting the raid on detail from White House sources after a point.

3.  As the left opens their mouths, the right will gain the electoral edge.

Rosie O’Donnell, that picture of class, objects to celebrants in the streets the night the news broke.  She likened them to being “drunken, frat boys”.  Tell that to a full stadium of baseball fans that night.  Tell that to our Navy cadets.  Tell that to millions of citizens who whooped for joy and called friends and neighbors in the middle of the night.  Rosie is clearly not in tune with the American people outside of her tiny, marxist, hollywood bubble.

Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky, both comical images of self-importance and laughable beliefs, think that the death of an individual is something to feel saddened about.  Do they feel the same about Hitler or Eichmann?  Do they feel at all saddened about the deaths of 3,000 plus Americans on and since 9/11?

American bashers will look pathetic over the next few months, and Obama may not be savvy enough to distance himself the far left extremists.

4.  Better alive or dead?

I don’t care either way on this point.  There is some disagreement on whether the body was buried at sea or tossed from a chopper, and this too is irrelevant.  We got plenty of intell from the equipment we recovered (a point our fools in the white house should not have released to the public so soon), and that intell would be more accurate than anything we’d get from OBL.  I’d rather we capture him and keep the news to ourselves.  We would get the intell, and the terrorist wouldn’t be able to say anything without giving the US a huge morale surge.  At some point, perhaps a week later, we could execute him to avoid the messy problem of how to deal with him later.  (And to our lefty friends, coming from one who has taught the Geneva Convention pre-9/11 to small groups in the military, you are wrong.  Illegal combatants are entitled to be shot without any rights granted in the Convention, according to the Convention itself!)

But we got him, and I’m content.  The same fools that are protesting in Middle Eastern streets over the murder of OBL are the same mongrels who celebrated when innocent people were slaughtered on 9/11.  I couldn’t give a damn about their opinions, the opinions of our American left, or the opinions of our wacky conspiracy nut jobs, all of those groups being cut from the same cloth.  I’m proud to be in line with the vast majority of hard-working, patriotic Americans who know justice when they see it.


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