Boehner as Brutus on the Ides of March

We were right to beware the Ides of March

Arguably, Caesar deserved it. Tea partier voters, decidedly, don’t.

Voters for large numbers of elected tea partiers (54 republicans did vote against the betrayal of We the People as Caesar) now in the GOP House got stabbed in the back again yesterday with Speaker Boehner’s latest passage of another puny Continuing Resolution, essentially on terms dictated last session by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

ObamaCare continues to be funded. The Lame Duck Food Safety Bill, Betrayal of Britain for Obama’s START with Russia, and DADT are funded and/or in law. Three stabs by a Lame Duck, but you just wait till The 87 arrive! They arrived. The Legal Services Corporation, Amtrak, PBS, and NPR all continue to be funded. ObamaCare? $100B+ funding as per Pelosi rider from 2010.

Meanwhile, tea partier voters are betrayed even as to the promised yet puny $100B in spending cuts. It seems $61B = $100B in D.C.

Let me dispense some DeVine math. We long ago wrote off the Democrats as irrelevant to the fight to save America what with 1975 betrayals of the Hmong, appeasement of the Soviets, Bushlied lies, and the massive expansion of the welfare state. We settled for Newt’s puny Contract with America after the penultimate GOP wave election. We settled for compassionate Bush conservatism insult redundancies since at least he cut taxes, killed terrorists and appointed Roberts-Alito.

But now after the ultimate GOP wave election conservative mandate since 1946, we have to endure outright lying betrayals on ObamaCare? Maybe we do have to endure it and suffer from it since we can’t appoint individual minders to accompany Republican office holders into the Chamber to vote. But we don’t have to support them.

As for me and my House…

It will not be enough for even tea partiers to vote right. It is now the duty of the elected to change the minds of a majority of the House on the above issues or insist that Speaker Boehner step down. Speeches of outrage will not be enough. Speeches don’t change the laws that have weakened the nation and continue to deter investment that could ease the debt crisis and the great recession.

People are suffering and a worse crisis looms. Words are cheap.

Elected conservatives must act. Why fear a shutdown when We the People endure economic hard times and Harry Reid will shut it down over as little as $20B? Embrace a shutdown on our terms!

Those terms now include retiring Boehner to Cincy, so he’ll have more time to enjoy March Buckeye Madness.

Mike DeVine



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